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Alle Videos

normal size - 160 cm high

slightly smaller version - 140 cm high


I am making these easels for sale.  One can mount a painting, (attached to a board) or a canvas to the rotating fixture and then turn it into the  exact position, desired for the next brush stroke.

Paintings with a width up to 75 cm can be mounted with ease. One can also place a painting or canvas on the upper edge of the shelf unit.

The easel is about 160 cm high.  It was built by me and young people in my care in an institurtion called Phönix in Lenzburg, Switzerland.  We are all not carpenters.  All units have been varnished.

One can also acquire it without the rotating fixture or without the shelf fixture.  Both these fixtures can be adjusted in hight.


Easel frame:  100.00 Swiss francs

rotating fixture:  100.00 Swiss francs

Shelf fixture: 100.00 swiss francs

If you are not able to pick up the easel at my place, there are shipment costs and maybe custom costs in addition.

Please let me know if you would like to acquire an easel



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