Light, darknes and colour

and colour perspective


Why is the sky blue at times?

Because the light of the sun shines into the earth atmosphere and through it into the darkness of the cosmos, lighting/brightning it up to a blue.

Why does a mountain, which from close-up appears to be red or brown in colour, when seen in a great distance, appear to be blue?

Because now it is seen through a lot of atmosphere (=darkness).  One can even say that this darkness is behind the light.  The light is in front of this darkness in relation to the standpoint of the viewer.  One can draw light in front of darknes with charcoal, to make it more visible, but the same laws apply to colour.





Can there also be atmosphere/darkness in front of the light or in other words, between the light and the viewer?  Of course:



That is why we see the sun as having a yellow colour during the day and just before sunset, when we are looking at the sun through a lot of atmosphere, we see it as red.  The same sun, which moments before was still yellow is now shining through the atmosphere and being darkened by it to a red.  In the atmosphere, yellow, orange, red, brown come about in the darkness which is front of the light, or in other words, between the light and the viewer.

It all has to do with the stand point of the viewer.  If I am in Switherland watching the red sun setting, someone in England is seeing the same sun in the same moment, but it is not setting just then and it not red.  Two different standpoints.

So is it possible to have darknes in front of and behind the light?

Of course.  See the drawing above.


Sofar the light has been comming in to the scene from above.  What if it comes in through the center?

Light and darknes are two opposite forces, working into my paintings.

You have been reading about the laws of light and darkness, as we have been made aware of by Liane Collot d'Herbois.  That which manifests itself as light and darkness is the result of the working of spiritual forces.

Colour is always the result of an interaction between light and darknes.

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